Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

[ Review ] Summer Anime 2016, Best of the best.

     Summer felt so long, and ended with inundate feelings toward the audience. Some really demanded ending with big impacts while some shunned the given spotlight and escaped through the backdoor.

Here are the lists of satisfying anime during summer, 
(not necessarily it ended badly) :

1. 91 Days 
  It is dark, brilliant and full of trickery. The revenge story progresses well, seizing of it's duration possible. It is as if you're watching a literary work on screen. It's not really operatic, nor too dramatic, but each episodes remained mysterious and bewitching . 
  Every minor character was supported on few scripts quoted by the related/major character. Giving you less attachments on the lamented. ( e.g. 10th episode ) Corteo rolled the dice well as the deuteragonist. TK on the OPENING SONG brings remorseful and plaintive voice, added that visuals presented matches the emotions well. I didnt really find any enjoyment, instead I've felt sad throughout. Overall the anime is well-thought. It'll keep you thinking who will have the last and best laugh at the end. The last episode, however, bagged me unbalanced, triggered yet satisfied.


2. Arslan Senki : Fuujin Ranbu ( Season 2 )
   Introduced with bad cuts but the series itself isn't that worse. The continuation within those 8 episodes enshroud for the bigger picture. It didnt really lasted an impression that it was ending. The second season added new characters with proper details. The number of episodes underscores it overall. I suggest that (if ever you wanted to continue from the first season) patiently wait for the third season than left you hanging.  I think it is an honest fault that the second season compressed within the eight.



3. Battery
  Im really addicted and perceptive towards baseball. Suprisingly , the tema was too for drama than of sports anime. It clearly departed itself from the previous baseball series you could have watched. It dared something that wasnt deepenly touched by other shounen mangas. The author's mood clearly deliberate a reality of highschool baseball. It didnt give you the solid answer that the main character bended his impeccable ideals. 

4. Fukigen no Mononokean
 This light fantasy series got me enchanted. The last episode highlighted more of the drama unlike the manga. It is definitely a fuse breaker from watching heavy seeded dramas and actions of the Summer Anime.

5. Handa-kun / Handa Seishuu
   I remember how I accidentally discover the manga, it was fun that I stayed late down to the last chapter available. Anime adapted the manga goodly but knowing how the episode is going, left the fun and excitement when I read the manga. 
   Character development got me astounded, his reticent groom in oddity. It must have been rough staying sane around Handa and friends. haha. ED/ Ending Song and Visuals supported each episodes. eg.  add one character to another per episode at each ending. Use of one character as for overall comedy is brilliant.

6. Mob Psycho 100
    One with the laziest opening (OP) lyrics you could ever Imagine. If ever I have the chance to submit my music song writing homework back in highschool, Id like to have it inspired by the MP.
    Clearly better than One Punch Man in terms of story. The first three episodes came dull and boring since best parts are reserved for a full count of 100%. Last episode partially derailed from the manga and didnt really affected it as a whole. Shigeo shown something lacking from Saitama, and that is his conviction towards his emotions. 
7. Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
    One should be patient, and love the development throughout. Dont bring any liquids when watching.

8. Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) - Anime
    From manga, to live action and its anime adaptation, Orange never failed to suppress delivered feelings towards saving Kakeru. It convey timeless controversial topic undergone by youth. Some episodes have fillers , excluded panels from the manga but didnt affect it overall. Sadly, one of my favorite heavy scene from the manga was taken lightly on the anime.

    Doubted at first, I thought my friends were overreacting towards the manga series turned anime.
    Same situation was presented like Orange, but in an adult sense. Hit me like a truck, Im currently a NEET yah see~ hahaha. Anyways, it really feel so better reading it than watching. Anime made me convince to read. Light romance filled with the character's anxiety.

10. Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu
   There are two types of people you shouldnt argue, one is LoveLive Fans and one is Fujoshi or Fudanshi. Their imagination runs wild, and terms are excessively broad as yakuza's term.
   Fudanshi Seikatsu , shows the lighter and comedic struggles of becoming one. It's really fun, and weekly promising.

11. Shokugeki no Soma : Ni no Sora
Could have been situate from the first season, the continuation was pleasingly sufficient as from it is in the manga. It wasnt demanding nor amusing when adapted but evidently up for the hype. One of the omitted scenes and lectures give me a let down., setting should have given importance. It is a series with savvy episode cuts.

Season Leftovers :

1. Days

2. Sousei no Onmyouji

Summer Anime Mentions :
Servamp && B-Project

Taboo Tattoo && TsukiUta. Animation