Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

[ NEWS ] Tokyo Ghoul Movie Launch Event in Youtube

(International movie poster for Tokyo Ghoul Live Action)

Tokyo Ghoul Movie Launch event to be broadcasted simultaneously all over the world on June 2, 2017. (JP)
The movie director , Kaneki's actor (Masataka Kubota) and mangaka ,Sui Ishida is said to join the broadcast. Apart from the upcoming guests, it includes a screening of new footage from the film as well as Q&A (fans-guests) session
< How to join : >
※Post questions and support comments to the guest from chat.
< To post : >
※You need to login on YouTube account. 
※Please post from YouTube's smartphone application or PC browser. 
※Only PC browser and smartphone application are available. 
★Viewing Reservation 
※Reservation is only available on PC browser and smartphone application. 
※Even if you don't make a reservation, you are able to view the live broadcast on the following URL.
<How to make a viewing reservation.> 
1.Turn on the notification function of the Youtube 
※Click on your icon on the upper right corner of the screen. 
Then Click on [Setting] and select [Notifications]. 
2.Click on [Set Riminder] button that displayed on the live streaming page. 
When the button become [Riminder on] , viewing reservation is completed.
For more information / Event Link :
src : Natcomic / Tkg_movie

Friday, May 26, 2017

[ Review / Season ] Early good animes of Spring Anime 2017

Left over of the Winter Anime 2017 : Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation
Early good animes of Spring Anime 2017 
 May is ending. My workload is increasing haha. I'll try to publish what I've written the past months. As always. 
1. SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN - is the fulfillment of the manga.
The scenes from which the manga couldn't convey under it's numbered pages was detailed and elaborated. The mood , however, of the manga was probably heavier than the anime. (Maybe because the impact of being monochrome is better) The opening number also was chosen to close the gap since the first season ended. A sense of familiarity was carefully made as for it's steadfast popularity.

2. BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA - Im probably one of the happiest person around when they chose to continue the series. The anime focuses one of the most entertaining part of the manga.
The series has been dependent with the manga and shows no trouble with delivering the excitement each passing week. What I could probably comment about is the release date. Shingeki no Kyojin and Boku no Hero Academia clashes with neck-wringing episodes during Saturdays (PDT). Both series forces myself to compare which one is far greater but it isnt that bad. The impression which is hitting the high marks results to see-saw experience. There were days which Boku no Hero was great , other left with the latter. Both remained equal.
Unexpectedly good than the PV's impression.
 In comparison with Eromanga-sensei, this is better in terms of plot-service series. It is fun and has catchy opening song. The play execution for the characters were done on an obvious purpose. It doesn't really cling too much to service but the calls were understandable.

Monday, May 01, 2017

[News/Update] Orange 6th volume to release on May 31. Two stories to feature Suwa Hiroto.

Orange 6th volume to release on May 31. The volume will include 2 versions of Kubokuro theme song used in live action and TV animation. Postcards, and seals included.
First story ( Orange : Mirai ) includes from Suwa (highschool student) read a letter from his 26 yrs old self to his future. Second story ( Orange : Suwa Hiroto ) contains an episode where Suwa gets married with Naho.

1st story - world where Kakeru didnt die.
2nd story - world where Kakeru died
source : natcomics


Im sorry for being inactive, I have actually compiled new reviews ready. Im busy helping my colleagues' thesis which is due this May 20th. I'll try my best to upload them.