Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
Fullmetal Alchemist New movie Visual


About the author :

      From countless times I have created self-satisfaction blogs, for the sole purpose of my weeaboo vibes I decided to make another it's life extension. 
(just kidding) :D

Kidding aside, I really did make thirty's probably nearly hundred of blog from different free site blog making. I have been blogging, ever since I was in highschool. Currently, Im in college studying architecture but with heavy schedules or projects I never have slipped my mind about quitting this hobby.

Journalism isnt my forte but letting something my mind would like to say gives me enough reason to write. I write about mostly between anime series and movies, whether news, feature writing or top listing favored or not , music or art. My areas of interest varies from time to time but nevertheless if I think it's fun or informative I'll put it in anyway.
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About the Blog :

Krouow Iijime is a pen name, anything related to crow or birds is used on this blog. More importantly that, this blog will be used as an extension of experience , fun, thoughts about a certain topic. Given with variety that in demands of time, it'll strive it's sole purpose as a guide for every person I may encounter, such as , to give you an out-self point of view. Also, to note that it will discuss, brag, compare, and bring out something "positive" or more "negative" certain shows pointed out.

Unravelling what it may hold, I hope you will enjoy, share, relate or compel about my posts which I think will help me to grow more.  I really like the idea of sticking my head against fandom or hype, for personal blog/gain or not, I think if it holds more than enough then I will do something about it.

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