Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
Fullmetal Alchemist New movie Visual

     Ever since I was in grade school, building and playing with boys was my time killer. We used to play digimon and power ranger stuffs. I bet this is the reason why people mistaken me as a “TOMBOY”. After recruited at our parish choir, I gradually turned myself into a girl and collecting becomes a hobby.
     In 2013, September. I was fond of collecting anime dvd’s . Figures and nendo’s were not of my knowledge. It was then , that I ordered a class A nendoroid later, finding it was a “FAKE/BOOTLEG”. I recently joined , too, the “NENDOROID PHILIPPINES” group.
    It was a friendly community and all I do for almost a year is to observe and calculate their status. :) Now, after I learned so much by just “watching” their post. I’m ready to rumble my wallet with GSC’s creations. :)

im very picky btw. xD

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