Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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{.Frequently Ask Questions!
-non anime related-
 What makes you start on blogging?
As long as I have something to say, I think I have to blog. I guess that reason did provoke to start.
 Do you have any advice for someone learning to blog?
It doesnt matter if you have an audience or not, or it doesnt make sense or what... as long as your interested and having fun, start , continue and I guess try to search how to blog in the net, it'll help you improve. Blogging is about experience.
 Do you know how to make themes?
Yes, but I only know the basic, I do understand how it works but I dont know complex coding. I mostly download CSS and HTML themes then I personalized it.
 Do you know photo editing?
Yes, I use GIMP, and sometimes I post it on deviantart.com
 Sources used
 *imgs/gifs : tumblr.com    // *header : yuumei.deviantart   //  *themes : djogzs.blogspot  // *screencaps : mostly mine
{.Frequently Ask Questions!
-anime related-

 Your preferences in anime or manga?
 Any, sometimes I go for gore in manga, and not in anime, mystery in anime not in manga. It varies in certain cases, Im very meticulous on shoujo manga since I've read so many and falls in the same scenes, school festival , shool trip etc etc. Shounen mangas are new to me, I dont watch Harem or reverse Harem, ecchi with comedy it's very irrational in my eyes so far I'm pushing myself on it. 
 Download or Stream in Anime/Manga?
 I'm a downloader in anime, sometimes when Manga Crawler is open I download it too.
 Do you consider yourself as an OTAKU?
 Apparently , I am but in moderate (alcohol? haha) Yes, I am. I'm currently into Nendoroid collections, watch anime series and read mangas. 
 Where to watch anime?
 I watch on animefushigi.com, download at horriblesubs.info.
 Do you download JPOP?
Yes, but sometimes I go for the mellow/classic music. I do download anime music at hikarinoakariost.info and at gendou.com

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