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Feature of the Season
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Friday, July 14, 2017

[ News / Update ] Shoujo Manga that entered their final releases (2017)

Two popular shoujo manga , Suki tte na Iyo (Say "I love you") and Kimi no Todoke (From Me to You) , entered their final releases. 

Kanae Hazuki's Say I love you revealed that on Septermber Issue , Dessert Magazine feature the manga on the cover, and the final chapter will include an opening color page. Kimi ni Todoke, however, will take it's 1-month break due to the author's (Karuho Shiina) sudden illness. The manga is said to return on next month issue,  August 12 2017 of Bessatsu Margaret magazine, with the opening chapter for the final arc.

Kimi ni Todoke debuted in 2006 with running 28th volumes and Say "I love you" in 2008 with 18 volume (last volume).
Both had anime and live action adaptations.
src : ANN
img src : MAL

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