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Feature of the Season
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

[ Review/Update ] What so - Fall Anime 2016

Japan is seemingly coping with the unexpected! from the sinkhole in Fukuoka to surviving the earthquake with small tsunami strikes in Fukushima. Despite of the recent incidents, look how their autumn is rolling ; 

from the looks it's definitely a luxuriant Fall. The color is something to love beyond your open windows.As much as the color , luxurious feeling Autumn gives to Japan, these series didnt fall behind for it's anime patrons.

From Summer 2016, LEFTOVERS;
Days- so far, character development is sturdy; it still lacks on action for soccer play. 

Sousei no Onmyouji- dropped. I'm feeling bad but fan service wont get me satisfied. I'll switch with the manga since the concept is really good. Anime is **mn bad. 
Fall 2016, Watching Lists:
  Let me just have a pure opinion, this is the season with bad schedules. I have to watch anime on Monday since Saturday, Sunday and few from Wednesday have the anime releases (HorribleSubs release) with worth the watch.

Sangatsu no Lion - It was evident that the series focused on drama and growth of the main character/MC instead of anime growth towards shogi. The anime's arrangement is somewhat confusing most of the times which soften your impressions per episode but the arrangements (as for whole series) didn't lessen the influence of telling his framework. Also, it's discernible that the visuals/colors lifts the mood each episode.

All Out - Happy birthday to this guy! 11/23~ All Out is Eyeshield 21 in the making and more. Im not educated to what Rugby is or what technicalities they do. Early guess, if that was the real case the anime is housing, then it will probably tackle the season with the rugby club gathering members and training them. Somehow the guess was right but dont be sadden because it has more.

The anime cased the right attitude towards the sports, under their coach's training. If only he isnt that old , I probably listed him as my husbando. He shown wit and his insights. Every episode shows the individuality of the characters, and attachments on their roles on rugby. It has no foundation to be a seeded team, no formidable enemy to look forward through, it's new, fun and promising where the team will go through.

Bungo Stray Dogs S2- The first four episodes kept me lost , where to place my feelings. Those episodes gives you no clues of relativity to the previous season. The fourth episode, however, concluded the pinnacle/culmination for the first and for the second season (if you look towards Osamu Dazai's POV). It's witty, lamenting and holds bit of the future. 

Same technicalities with the first. Literary beautiful piece.

Fune wo Amu - speaking of literary pieces, this series takes me back to the heart. It's attacking me personally. I'm a man who values meanings on words used and by watching , it as if I probably hold their place also as my own. The MC/main is readable despite of his , sometimes, lost for words on a crowded place. Getting the mood from the secondary character is new, everything is situational. I dont know how I will place it since Im biased when it comes to this kind of topic.

Nevertheless, it's a quiet, informative, light, scenic and positively loving kind of series.

Haikyuu !!! S3 - Things about the anime to the manga are the focal point chosen and highlights of ideology. It definitely didnt let me down unto that extents. Im so happy! and so sorry for our lost. Coach Ukai's seiyuu passed away and as his role is passed down starting from the 9th episode to the series new probable projects.

Hibike Euphonium S2 - I felt so tacky when Kumiko's voice actress is having monologues on the first three episodes. HAHAH~ The second season deduced the internal affairs which was left on the first. I appreciate how serious and real the situations are happening now in the anime. It's fun with the service. not fond of Yuri though. haha~

Nanbaka - pure gag, but it really kicks in whenever the story is introduced.

Occultic; Nine - I heard good feedbacks on this series, I tried and sometimes got me lost. The arrangement is unpredictable too, sometimes main story or idea appears at the beginning, sometimes either at the middle or at the ending. Because of this, many idle talks are added, sometimes it suffocates and makes it too dry. There are definitely more questions than answers. Nevertheless, despite of the difficulty , the twist or the ending for the series to cease is definitely a must watch.
 I really want to break down it pieces to pieces but i'll do it on early Winter Season.


Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari - Gao Gao! Haha. Makes you feel that having a son may not be so bad.

Watashi ga Motete Dosunda - Im definitely straight when watching this.
Yuri on Ice!!! - Spoilers are everywhere. As much as the hype goes, it really is good. 

WWW Working/Web Working - I never laughed loudly as much as Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun did. 

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