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Feature of the Season
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

[ Blog ] Through the One Piece : Volume 1 to Volume 75

One Piece : Manga Volumes 1 to 75
Genre : Shounen, Adventure, Fantasy and Comedy
Status: Ongoing
Background :
One Piece is the highest selling manga series of all time, with over 380 million copies in circulation as of 2015. Volume 67 of the series currently holds the record for highest first print run of any manga (including books) of all time in Japan, with 4.05 million in 2012. The series was a finalist for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize three times in a row from 2000 to 2002. The series has also been published in numerous amounts of languages worldwide including; Korean, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, and Russian.

Experience :
 Go Hard or Go Home, that was the phrase I heard from some Next Top Model show. It was definitely a competition and something to inspire on. One Piece too, has been at the top of the shounen mangas ever since I could get even chances to choose whose parents I will be with. It has been giving great tones to my senpais all over their years. I was given to get to know it more with my friend, who was pestering me for not reading it while I have a chance! And so I did now.

I actually have watched few anime episodes from watching glances at GMA, a tv station here so as far as I am concerned I have come to what the idea of what One Piece was. Competing with those small details didnt really subtract much of it's bigger plot lines. Comedy had taken me aback from reading the first quarter volume. Name calling was also my struggle, I often remember the faces first then disregard whom or which is which. Action, however, which is more important to me, gives me a push to know how the plot is growing, I given my time slowly to consume every details and which helped me more. Character designs were a bit perculiar in my point - place setting and time settings were also considered as I wonder deeper to the manga series. It was a big adjustment to me.

Few days and nights nonstop reading, came to notice that punchlines were kicking and all pin-pointing had sync-in to me. Character designs, place and time settings gave possibilities of adventure. It was easy to recognize character to character, though name calling will give me to time extensions. SBS helped me alot to naval and pirate positions. Though sometimes I dont budge much of the details and consider them into three category. If he is a pirate, he is a pirate, If he is a naval officer, he is a marine officer, If he is a revolutionist, then he is a revol'. A place of favoritism is also a hindrance, at first I could tell I like one but now I would not let someone go behind. Their characteristics and background were strikingly good. It was a bit of goodness and madness. Much more that their personal experience lies more on oppression.

 Place and Time settings are the things I look forward to. Through the One Piece, Promise Islands against Listless Waters anything could and would happen. It gives a pinch of something real. I havent been on sail but I know dangers since my family came from small fishing barangay. Plus I love catastrophe movies. Haha. Anyways, the prime setting of the series is something to love.

 About how the plot progresses, I love and bit bored how simple it is. Sincerely, I sometimes depend to read the series more on it's individual battles. It is the most enriching vitals of the arc's story and I could possibly fast-read the other details just to get to it. I remember how hard it is to convince myself that Luffy winning against Crocodile, whose powers are more cultivated than him and how unfortunate that Strawhat crew is and always go after something bigger to every destinations they go. Are they troublesome or just unfortunate to catch up on some kind of event? Remember Conan Edogawa? a detective kid whom somehow get's a murder/abduction case wherever he goes? It's funny though. Oh~ Just Shounen things. It's totality on arc after another is bewildering.

Considering that it is about a PIRATE, and we're up against a MARINE OFFICER. I could not help but negate the ending possibilty of the series. Though if ever it will give us a negative ending, the adventure and other spices that makes up the series are thousand just reasons to say its still beautiful.

It was above all , great and powerful shounen manga series I have ever read. Truly a nakama!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[ Feature ] Download Zootopia 2016 720p/1080p BL

Zootopia 2016
Type : Animation
Size : 1.34 G / 2.09 G
Quality : 720 p / 1080 p
Language : English (with subtitles)
Link : 720p ( Torrent ) // 720p ( Magnet )
Link : 1080p ( Torrent ) // 1080p ( Magnet )
Summary : 
In the animal city of Zootopia, a fast-talking fox who’s trying to make it big goes on the run when he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Zootopia’s top cop, a self-righteous rabbit, is hot on his tail, but when both become targets of a conspiracy, they’re forced to team up and discover even natural enemies can become best friends.
Screenshots :

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

[ List ] Different tastes of Romance Manga.

Talk about being SHOUJO, I'm your ever friend when it comes to romance! Against all the monochramatic backgrounds, dramatic scenes, gorgeous husband potentials to clingy and vulnerable heroines, and lastly your "deuteragonist" or second guy syndrome, I am a friend and a foe at the same time.
Deuteragonist? What's that? If youre thinking the same then let me enlighten you.
 Deuteragonist is a also protagonist and someone who act as the second actor/actress of the story. He/She could act as a rival though it is rare for to become the actor to be a prime antagonist as long as he gets some screen time independent with the main protagonist it is considered. Deuteragonist is also not to be considered as a sidekick or supporting protagonist. It is that you can see how their actions driven the plot as much as those protagonist. (thanks to tvtropes.org)
Surely not only that the manga you've known the past few years are remaining stagnant! so be sure to read these recommendations that'll give you adrenaline to fall for more.
Top 7 Romance Manga to try

1. Kimi ni Koishite Ii Desu Ka
Summary :
Chigira Ruiji is a man born with the face of a demon. Trouble follows him wherever he goes. However, he just wants to live a normal high school life and make some friends, and even fall in love...
Back when I was in highschool I got into an eyefight with an unknown pretty girl. I was busy eating my lunch staring blank when she, i guess, thought that I'm mad by staring at her. Having these scary eyes made me think it was really troublesome and this manga really tackles the issue on the fun side. The manga progresses steadily and on the soft note, how he struggles to confess his love and gains friendship to his "golden era" as a highschool student.

2. Nisekoi Doumei
Summary :
Asana is broken-hearted ,after being rejected, a kind Matsumoto approaches and listens to her. She falls in love with him and they start dating. One day however Asana and her fellow classmate Aizawa catch their lovers having an affair together behind their backs so they both decide to get revenge- by also having an affair with each other?!
It was really a  tête dance with this one, the manga harbors the effect of their revenge and jokes toward each other. Each manga updates contain less 20 pages and really tongue biting moment at each end. Though aside from that I am really having trouble with this one because it somehow have complexity and shoujo heroine disability. I really hate how clingingly the heroine is to every guy she meet. Haha. Anyhow, I will always look for a good plot! and this is the one.

3. Hare Kon
Summary :
Koharu, tired of all the men in her life being lying, married philanderers, decides to move back home, away from the city. Once there she finds her family saddled with a huge debt and no way out, until a handsome but creepy stranger offers to pay the debt, at the same time asking her to marry him. But, as if things weren't crazy enough, he already has two wives!
Next to my doubtful feelings for Nisekoi Doumei is Hare Kon. Talk about decency topic this one would fail to my Catholic point of view. Harem isnt something I really favor for, anime or in manga. But! to gain knowledge and experience to someone else's point of view I may be open. It took me few times whether to read this one.
The manga focuses on having three wives and their moments with each other treated equally. The mystery and agony to each character really driven me to read this drama and finally , really, and wishful that the hero would break up with the three and finally chose to the one. haha.

4. Pochi Kuro
A human girl falls into the demon realm and can't seem to communicate with the local demon Kuro who found her. Humans are rare in the demon realm and many would love to eat a human. However, Kuro ends up falling in love with her and names her Pochi! He,Kuro, then decides to help Pochi get back to the human world and protects her from demons that try to eat her.
Tired of Drama? and deep Mystery? might as well try this! It's really different since it's shounen but romance in the hero's point of view is quite funny and new. Character design is unique and probably wont set a foot to your shoujo romance and despite of it it'll give you a new set of experience to the fantasy rom-com. The story is still progressing so I dont really get my hopes up as it builds the love.

5. Obereru Knife
Summary :
A beautiful and mature sixth grade girl from Tokyo suddenly has to move out to the country side of Japan with her family. The girl, Natsume, then meets a boy from the forbidden place in the island. Her curiosity then driven her to fall in-love with him. Then something happened on the sacred festival that driven the two apart.
Dark and exquisitely beautiful. Not your typical romance and very serious on situation. Tragic and very realistic in a sense. If you were to ask, It'll be a Bokura Ga Ita to a new. I just hope the mangaka gives just to the character demise. My favourite at the moment.

6. Que Sera Sera
Summary :
Hani, the working woman with no interest in dating and who brags about her best trait of not being in debt has an accident with her best friend's younger brother! The series then developed for it's consequences.
I really love the consequences on love plus, Que Sera Sera is probably the first one Im looking forward in terms of WebToons. It doesnt promote silly and cheesy heroine and hero of the shoujo romances. It shows great few possible reading potential plots today. The character's are surely aint ready for their love making and it's really interesting. Anyway if it goes beautifully and if youre looking for an older girl . younger boy relationship try and grab that manga reading app now!

7. Totsuzen Desu ga Ashita Kekkon Shimasu
Summary :
Asuka is a twenty four years old successful career woman who dreams of marriage so she can become a full time housewife and someone who can create a warm home where in her husband would always be fond of returning. Nanami Ryuu is the complete opposite; although he is someone sincere in his job and a gentleman to women, for him, marriage is nothing but a hindrance.

To Asuka, Nanami is a person who belongs to a different world and will never connect with her own, a matter which is insignificant, because right now she expects that her dreams of married life will soon be realized since she feels her boyfriend of five years will propose to her soon…
If it's something about marriage then look out for this one. Their combination is interesting, one who wants to marry and one who is not.
7 mangas worth to mention
- Hirunaka no Ryuusei          - Bokura Ga Ita
- Kedamono Kareshi             - Boku no koi Wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You
- Blue (Chiba Kozue)            - Tsubaki chou Lonely Planet
- Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki
7 new promising manga
I hate their slow updates hahaha.

- Kawaii Hito (Saitou Ken)                        

- Jigoku no Enra

- Momochi-san Chi No Ayakashi Ouji

- Asami-sensei No Himitsu

- Suijin no Hanayome

- Oujisama Game ( Kirishima Rira)

- Sensei Kunshu

Monday, May 16, 2016

[ List ] Oneshot Mangas that wont get old.

So last night, God heard my prayers on the internet thing! O A O~
Anyhow,I've got three hundred twenty nine manga's on my book list and today I would like to share some of my favourite shoujo [ one shot ] mangas all over those past years.

Itsuka no Tsuki de Aimashou
Summary :
When Riha goes to hospital to go see her father, who was just in an accident, she meets a boy, Nozomu-kun, who helps her find her way through the hospital so she can visit her father. After that day, they become great friends and possibly more…
Genre : Oneshot, Tragedy, Romance, Drama
Status : Completed

Gyu tte Shite Ii
Summary :
Oosawa's sister was asked to be the temporary manager/helper of the Judo club. Unintentionally Miyuri, our heroine, thrown out somebody's pillow thinking it was somebody's trash and then the owner shows up!
Genre : Oneshot, Sports, Shoujo, Romance
Status : Completed

Hyouketsu Kiss Mate
Summary : 
Yamato is the son of a human and the most powerful snow woman. One day a young snow woman named Hiori came to take him back to the village of the snow women. It is said that the kiss of a snow woman could freeze a man's heart. That's what Hiori intends to do to take Yamato back to the village. But how will Hiori accomplish her mission when Yamato, who isn't mesmerized by the usual enchantment of a snow woman, doesn't let Hiori come near him?
Genre : Supernatural, Oneshot, Shoujo, Romance
Status : Completed

Rec - Kimi ga Naita Hi
Summary :
Aizawa Minami is a girl who has never cried in her life. She's awkward with her feelings, and she carries a camcorder to film everything she likes. Because of her quirks, she's labeled as a freak and alienated by her classmates. Satoru is her classmate and a recently retired teen actor who understands her. They quickly become friends.
Genre :  Oneshot, Drama, Romance, Tragedy
Status : Completed

Daisuki Datta Yo, Sensei
Summary : A girl whom experienced unsuccessful "threads" of love with her teacher, encounters her fated person!?
Genre : Oneshot, School life, Romance, Shoujo
Status : Completed

Erotic Fairy Tales
Summary : 
Collections of princes and princess as "J", a wish-granting demon, tries to manipulate the old tales from the past. Erotic Fairy tales have 8 different oneshots. (Be sure to read the Little Mermaid last )
Genre : Oneshot, Supernatural, Ecchi/Smut, Romance
Status : Completed

Kanojo no Honnou
Summary :
Natsume began a relationship with a love letter. 3 months later, she got dumped. As she's walking home, she bumps into her classmate Aji-kun who's on his way to give a girl a love letter. Natsume decides to crush that love...
Genre : Oneshot, School life, Romance, Drama
Status : Completed

Summary :
Tomo has always been stuck with the dependent Miyako ever since she was born. For half of his life, he had been forced to look out for her due to her clumsiness and unreliability. Simply put, he 'hates' her. But there is something that completely prevents him from telling her his real feelings. When she is about to move to the United States, will he be able to love and let go, all before it's too late?
A lovely, touching story about a boy and the one most important to him.
Genre : Oneshot, Slice of life, Drama, Shoujo
Status : Completed

I guess one of my favorites here are REC, WASUREYUKI and AMAISHOU. Rec really greatly influenced me to read oneshots and I'll ever be grateful to that heartbreaking experience.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

[ Blog ] Internet is down since May 9

Apparently there's still few net speed to fix, and I've been itching to update and add some manga listings. To aid that I granted my old friend, I knew him when I still have/got my first phone which was Nokia first old models. Haha. He's very fond of One Piece and even curse me for the reason "I'll read One Piece when the series is ending ". Rant over those years, I tried to atleast, and look where it get me. haha
So far, and thanks to MangaTraders for their volumes I was able to read as much as on Volume 40.  Yes! 40 volumes to go! I was able to grasp Luffy's joke piece by piece. Roronoa's abrupt skills upgrade as a swordman, how gentle Sanji is, how manly Ussop is, how innocent is Chopper, and how it must been hard for Nami to handle those idoits and for Robin who's currently added to the crew.

I watched Bakuman Live action as well. FRIENDSHIP, EFFORT and VICTORY. One Piece is definitely on Jump's Ally. Oda's backstory is so far is greater than what I've read from the previews mangas. I cant wait for to turn after to Naruto after this.

Anyhow, I'll be back as soon as the technician fixes this crap. @ _ @~
 cant even download properly. Hope I will last much longer hahaha.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

[ Update ] Yowamushi Pedal Episodes and Movie guide

Recently Horriblesubs uploaded sub files of Yowamushi Pedal.
The arrangement of is Yowamushi Pedal Re:Ride, Yowamushi Pedal Re:Road
 and Yowamushi Pedal The Movie.

Yowamushi Re:Ride is a recap of the second season of the series featuring the first part of the Inter High Summer competition. Added that the recap begins when Onoda Sakamichi was invited to local Inn by a Hakone student, Toudou Shinapchi together with his senpai, Makishima Yusuke.

Yowamushi Re:Rode is the continuation of the Re:Ride, however this time it features the Hakone student, the sempais, as they went to celebrate and give thanks to their Captain, Fukutomi Juichi at the theme park.

Yowamushi Pedal : The Movie focuses on (after) the Inter High Summer Competition, where mostly the team from the Inter High are invited to Kumamoto Competition which is held every year. It has no much of the fan services and created the mood as Onoda's senpai, Makishima leaves Japan to study college at England. 
Do I have to watch the Re:ride or Re:road? It's up to you. It doesnt really affect the movie that much.

Friday, May 06, 2016

[ Feature ] Character Profile : Prince of Tennis x Super Lovers

So this season, I've got to like Super Lovers because of my big brother complex. Unfortunately, Im the eldest and I've been yearning for a big brother figure. If you found the anime , unappropriate or disgusting in a sense then you might as well forget about it but do not forget to check this article out.
Due to that reason, somehow I found something out of the blue.Today, I'll tackle about Ren (Super lovers) and Ryoma (Prince of Tennis)

Ryoma Echizen is the main protagonist of the sports anime " Prince of Tennis". He resided years before in United States and decided to return to Japan where his father is currently living. His good looks and confidence make him highly popular with ladies, although he seems not to notice, having his focus exclusively on tennis. Although his apathetic nature, he does show Sakuno his genuine concern. Ryoma can be quite arrogant at times and, has a habit of forgetting people that he finds insignificant or met for a brief moment. Ryoma also cares much about his family cat Karupin.  


Ren Kaidou is the main protagonist of the series Super Lovers. He resided also at United States, particularly on North America, Canada. He decided to stay to Japan because of promise made with Haru. He also has good looks, that makes him popular with the ladies though. He shows his dependent side especially to Haru and to the other twin brothers. He doesnt like or doesnt pay much on other people and does like to take care of wild animals. ( latter in the anime he had a pet dog )

Though Ren is expressive as much as Ryoma, I cant help to see some resemblance to him.