Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Thursday, June 09, 2016

[ Feature ] Android/IOS Rhythm Game with VOEZ

Game App : VOEZ
Developer : Rayark Taiwan Inc.
Information/Review :
Most Rayark games are free to download on Android, the most popular and most downloaded games are Cytus and Deemo ( both of which are music-rhythm based games ). Some tasks/achievements , though free to download, require players to purchase new chapters or full access.

The game, requires 200 MB free space storage, with each 5MB song it takes. The account/s are linked on your social accounts or you could sign in as guest though a message/condition should be met. Guest account, when decided for purchase, some data files could be lost upon uninstalling.

In terms of level of difficulty for noobs like me, I guess it was friendly for easy mode and a landslide for hard and special mode. But in few days, I was capable of getting the stream and days closed by I was able to make 900k in Easy and Hard mode. Friends who were familiar with Deemo, which they played before easily coped up with the game.

In terms of visuals, for an otaku it would pass an A++. It is clean and appealing for every song choice. Prince of Tides was one of my favourite, though I couldnt seem to get it for awhile. If gaming-wise I suggest people to join the FB Group named VOEZ Global. They help co-gamers on every song choice to achieve the game goals.

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