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Feature of the Season
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

[ Blog ] Through the One Piece : Volume 1 to Volume 75

One Piece : Manga Volumes 1 to 75
Genre : Shounen, Adventure, Fantasy and Comedy
Status: Ongoing
Background :
One Piece is the highest selling manga series of all time, with over 380 million copies in circulation as of 2015. Volume 67 of the series currently holds the record for highest first print run of any manga (including books) of all time in Japan, with 4.05 million in 2012. The series was a finalist for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize three times in a row from 2000 to 2002. The series has also been published in numerous amounts of languages worldwide including; Korean, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, and Russian.

Experience :
 Go Hard or Go Home, that was the phrase I heard from some Next Top Model show. It was definitely a competition and something to inspire on. One Piece too, has been at the top of the shounen mangas ever since I could get even chances to choose whose parents I will be with. It has been giving great tones to my senpais all over their years. I was given to get to know it more with my friend, who was pestering me for not reading it while I have a chance! And so I did now.

I actually have watched few anime episodes from watching glances at GMA, a tv station here so as far as I am concerned I have come to what the idea of what One Piece was. Competing with those small details didnt really subtract much of it's bigger plot lines. Comedy had taken me aback from reading the first quarter volume. Name calling was also my struggle, I often remember the faces first then disregard whom or which is which. Action, however, which is more important to me, gives me a push to know how the plot is growing, I given my time slowly to consume every details and which helped me more. Character designs were a bit perculiar in my point - place setting and time settings were also considered as I wonder deeper to the manga series. It was a big adjustment to me.

Few days and nights nonstop reading, came to notice that punchlines were kicking and all pin-pointing had sync-in to me. Character designs, place and time settings gave possibilities of adventure. It was easy to recognize character to character, though name calling will give me to time extensions. SBS helped me alot to naval and pirate positions. Though sometimes I dont budge much of the details and consider them into three category. If he is a pirate, he is a pirate, If he is a naval officer, he is a marine officer, If he is a revolutionist, then he is a revol'. A place of favoritism is also a hindrance, at first I could tell I like one but now I would not let someone go behind. Their characteristics and background were strikingly good. It was a bit of goodness and madness. Much more that their personal experience lies more on oppression.

 Place and Time settings are the things I look forward to. Through the One Piece, Promise Islands against Listless Waters anything could and would happen. It gives a pinch of something real. I havent been on sail but I know dangers since my family came from small fishing barangay. Plus I love catastrophe movies. Haha. Anyways, the prime setting of the series is something to love.

 About how the plot progresses, I love and bit bored how simple it is. Sincerely, I sometimes depend to read the series more on it's individual battles. It is the most enriching vitals of the arc's story and I could possibly fast-read the other details just to get to it. I remember how hard it is to convince myself that Luffy winning against Crocodile, whose powers are more cultivated than him and how unfortunate that Strawhat crew is and always go after something bigger to every destinations they go. Are they troublesome or just unfortunate to catch up on some kind of event? Remember Conan Edogawa? a detective kid whom somehow get's a murder/abduction case wherever he goes? It's funny though. Oh~ Just Shounen things. It's totality on arc after another is bewildering.

Considering that it is about a PIRATE, and we're up against a MARINE OFFICER. I could not help but negate the ending possibilty of the series. Though if ever it will give us a negative ending, the adventure and other spices that makes up the series are thousand just reasons to say its still beautiful.

It was above all , great and powerful shounen manga series I have ever read. Truly a nakama!

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