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Feature of the Season
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

[ Review / Season ] Bungo Stray Dogs S2 : The Frog, the Bird and the Well.

Three days before New Year !!! 2017 !!! cant help but to cram bunch of posts regarding Autumn 2016 anime series. I have atleast written this review as soon as the anime's last episode aired. I was pre-occupied with my feelings and I decided to keep it in check to this day.
I once have watched the episode of "Air Gear" , about the frog in the well. Along those lines were, the frog wouldn't be able to know what is that eerie compassion towards the horizon, "anyway". The character who said it , in my humblest opinion, seen himself as the frog whom given up on the tiniest possibility. A HOME.

In contrast with the series " Air Gear ", the frog which is represented by the Detective Agency on the series "Bungo Stray Dogs", haven't given up on the possibility. The frog knows his home, his world. The frog knows he belongs to the well. The bird represents the Port Mafia, whom also knows his home, of course birds are free.  It can stay anywhere, it could exist anywhere yet the entity holds importance of the existence of the well. Port Mafia are free people. They belong to an organization at the same time they are not. 
 Thus when come a time when the well is being threatened, those entities knew coexists with the other , became wary. The invisible force that threatens their necessity held the role of the foreign guild on the series' setting.

The first season was good, comedic , with a pact of action, little that we know that it was merely an introduction. It was properly revealed on the second. The second season defined the series as a whole , as well to it's series title. What it takes to be a stray dog.

The first four episodes of the second sequel , got me lost. Nowhere to place your feelings towards the last episode of the first season. Those where my first impression, finishing the fourth aimed my attention to an impeccable state. Exaggerating? Yes. and for someone like me that loves the tiniest detail as possible could give me off to the highest note and other imaginable note in a musical score you hoped for. The first four episodes were exemplary! The build up towards Osamu Dazai became clear yet abades like a still water keeping secrets within him only. The comedy then subsided and it's dryness created a path for a prowess voice acting. You could hear, Atsushi Nakajima's voice struggling towards the situation, wanting for the audience to perceive.  While the plot progresses, it evened out with the added new characters, mainly from the American Organization or the Guild. The series begun to settle to be evil, dark yet enlightening.

  The mood delivers to be sad , yet passionate, with great lessons attached. Sentimental in value. Same cliche by the way! Characters clashed  together were of opposites fastened on same fate. The ugly reality that made them today. Other than the quoty experiences, the show gave out an opportunity towards the ugliness. The value of home defines differently from each other, different from each situations. Yet everyone priced it heavy. Added that the OST signified an emotional sense , whenever the situation calls for. 

 The series calls for an attention. Recommendable , surprisingly tricky, wise and lovely as literary piece. Studio Bones never let you down, never let a good piece hidden. Great job for the staffs for the adaptation as it is in the manga.

Rate : 9.0 / 10

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