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Friday, December 30, 2016

[ Review / Season ] Haikyuu S3 - Battle of the Generals and the MVP

It's almost 11 : 30 pm of 12/29/2016 and here I am , regardless I hope you read through the last. It's a bit of detailed since I really wanted to share the thoughts and character reflection on the series. If you possibly cant, I suggest you just read the last paragraph. 

In History outside the textbooks, there are two types of Generals. One is a Strategist General whom his commanders and members played a solid role thus quenching victorious with minimal loses. While the next contrast the first, the Instinct General. This type, plays so brittle that one could put his family and victory on the line but certainly one cannot claim he is an instinct unless the oddities favor him. The very same that the two coaches lie on this principle. Keishin Ukai's principle, Karasuno's coach, however inherited this will from his grandfather and former coach of the school, Ikkei Ukai. The battle was definitely between Ikkei Ukai and Tanji Washijo, head coach of Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou.


Washijo's principle remain loyal to the strategical style. He believes victory lies on formidable plays from strong players. While Ukai's playstyle favors the oddities for a strong play, claiming the top of the chain that way. Thus the result upon this battle will culminate the submissive philosophy the characters are fighting for. 

Aside from favoring the peculiarity among the Karasuno, the series/the mangaka answers the readers/watchers that it wasn't just that. Karasuno also offered the odds with hard work. If one must ask, who the real MVP on their group it would be split up between Nishinoya or Tsukishima. Mincing the meat, I perceived that Tsukishima will won it after all. ( I favored Nishinoya when reading the manga ). The series remained straight towards Karasuno. One may not know that throughout the whole series Karasuno enact on breaking the enemy's wall instead of making walls on their own. Another focal point of the instinct type. The Karasuno remain honest and forward. A call for a total defense, which happened on the second set, was totally out of their comfort. This defense then attributed on those little steps for a certain "perfect" chance, to break the fossilized play from Shiratorizawa.

         Tsukishima Kei bagged those scenery. He became the biggest cog of the series and to his teammates , as half-hearted plays loosen during the match. He battled against the guess monster, the setter and the super ace. Also hinting that the passive passion burnt brightly when it's Yamaguchi's service play. He then clicks his tongue if unable to protect it. Adding this frustration, his character flowered upon calling help towards his teammates against those races. Despite of the difficulties, outplaying Satori Tendo, the guess monster, versus the Karasuno's idiotic duo and Sugawara, Karasuno's setter ; submissive head shutting-clash towards the setter of Shiratorizawa, Kenjiro Shirabu ; and defensive play against the super ace, Wakatoshi Ushijima with Nishinoya. ( I probably thought back then, that shutting Wakatoshi is what makes Nishinoya as the MVP ) Thus one alone can not defeat the Shiratorizawa. Tsukishima Kei, though debuted now on volleyball with smart prowess remained powerless as whole. 

Considering now it outside the ring, The serious mood this match offered is rather enjoyable. To be frank, I don't think that the series will follow an aftermath, though there will be given possibility that movie will open, instead of a series. Ending the series with a cliff hang probably drawn possibility of " NATIONAL VOLLEYBALL CHAPTER ". Haikyu is a systematical shounen series, where the main team looses and gains the upper hand by the second season. ( Dont Prince of Tennis meeh~ )

The comedic side was well blended from Sugawara vs the net referee, quoty, flashy introduction of characters ( Nishinoya ) , side comments coming from the audience, down to Tendo's child-like oppresive song. Everything signifies a character impression. The series success held dearly to these key points.  In each episode cut wrings your neck with cliffhangers. The staffs considering the mood cut off to the next was well taken cared off , by the end of the day you're caught for it. Summarizing the current series, the diminishing product of excitement when someone have already read the manga clears like a new. Running those ten episodes, sudden death of the voice actor, they've gone through alot. and these journey will remain priceless. I'm thankful that everything to the details were given justice.

 Rate : 8.7 / 10

Im just gonna leave it here.
Despite of this match, Wakatoshi remained victorious and this...

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