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Monday, February 27, 2017

[ Review / Classics ] Yugi Oh Duel Monsters Genex : Victims of the Fall

Classic #0003
Original Time : 2017/April 18 ( 9:16PM )
Took me long time to touch the blog. Alot have happened in the family, and writing a review for every series I've finished was kept unlocked on my notebook. I will be posting entries at a time to fill the void I've missed. Thanks for your patronage!
So ending the entries for February placed for the series, Yugi Oh Genex.

Remarkably, one of my childhood (and probably my generation) was guided with Yugi Muto's Yugi Oh. The influence then, passed on during my highschool for the series Yugi Oh Genex. During those afternoons, the series became my past time after harbouring loadworks from school. The Tagalog Dub (aired on Hero TV) became the familiarity and rewatching it in Japanese version enveloped an increasing doubt.

The decency of Tagalog Dub paves way the fun times. The cut scenes the HeroTV production make a new perspective than the Japanese, as I have thought. Unlike my previous review of Prince of Tennis almost of it's episodes weren't hard to recall , Genex ,however, compiles numerous blurry figures I have to fill and enough to justify my judgement before that it has a good story.

And I was right.

Tagalog dub brought about the story wants to convey. To my growing concerns such as the edited scenes , it wasn't really the heavied case rather how the seiyuu portrays the character. I felt I was saved during those days from " Ano ne. " , " De aru." and "Nya~" chara-catch phrase although into Tagalog Dub characters were made an accent instead. This is the reason I caught myself to a comedy show. Also, it felt idiotic for the dub alone to place a proper distance! Haha. Recalling my side comments years before created another fold of buffoonery. It made my heart flutter, in every pace the scenes bawled a slow-mo feeling (thinking about it now). Those sidecomments reflected my proper age at that time.

Defining how the first part was introduced , I could say less from a painting with contrasts.The backstory of categorizing and building card decks was colorful. Yet the supporting characters vibed bootless, making Judai Yuki's prowess inconvincible (or atleast being defeated by "the Kaiser" doesnt help much). The suprising element those supporting characters such as to demand a drama fedbacks the series positively.

The emotions I had while watching were pacified within three parts. It mainly surrounds sense of oppression that grew to something larger, then shrouded with misery, sadness against own competence.

The First Arc : ( The Alchemist and the army )

Few scenes hinted mystery. The issue of missing students and science through the conspiracy treaded to alight. The rapid impact of battling in use of spirit keys to open the gates for three most powerful and destructive cards gives an amount pressure for the resolve. Among those battles, were welcomed by Judai Yuki. For every save button he responded, depicted that the supporting characters left incompetent. Though among, the rivalry against the one (originaly) defending the key to the belligerent termed to be appealing. What lacking in was the proper grooming to the story between the two. The ideology or to gently touched the backstory could be proper. First Opening and Ending used are never to skip of, it gave a lively and entertaining value to bridge the episodes.

After the settled battle opened the curtains for fanservices. It wasn't moe as the industry now. Ha-ha! Fanservices sometimes were relaxing, some succeeding episodes became draggy to introduce me to the next phase.

The Second Arc : ( Battle of Heroes )

The second tiptoed the similarities of the deck cards between two persona showered in different environment. Setting it this way, brighten the reality of dueling to our hero, Judai Yuki. Edo Phoenix, Judai Yuki's opponent, who seeks revenge to the death of his father became a large threat.The recognition received from Edo Phoenix's friend and pro manager, Sai, to Judai's talent became a cause for them duel. While Judai Yuki , at that time, rejected the possibility of danger in dueling since he was born in fun dueling. With Judai's defeat to Edo, the animation derails to something extraordinary. I began to wonder the big leap of the deck cards origin. The establishment of space heroes (deck card) left a large hole to the series.

The questions of unsourced development began to skin me more, also for their connection to the main protagonist. I soon took noticed that despite of his achievements in the academy suffers a fair loss to a solid combo. This became unrewarding as he managed to defeat Edo. He is gifted with numbers of lucky draw, I reckoned.

The series on quarter half of the second arc became more complicated as the new antagonist appeared. Sai became the represent for the Light and Judai on behalf of the Darkness.

This metaphor blurs to find it's hidden meaning. I was thinking " How could be the dark the one's protecting while the light wants to decimate? ". Applying it to daily basis is hard to clear.

Dumping that thinking, the series turned to be evident of being dark, twisted and seriously wounding the "fun" in dueling not only for Judai but also the benifits of the supporting characters. This affliction appealed my heart to bring the series to a lighter source. I was disheartened about the outcome and became hooked to the series. Watching the second part of Yugi Oh Genex is where I am watching it for the first time. ( Whatever the reasons I had to stop watching the series during my highschool is a good choice. ) Simply, I was just beginning to the series.

The trials and defeat of the characters ached with demise as the episodes became numbered. With the 40 episodes remaining , I'm eagearly anticipating for the closure. As it steadily paced to Sai's defeat to Judai, other minor issues remained unsolved.

Third Arc : ( Victims of the Fall )

Leaving you hanging became reasonable as it added new villains and new companions. The bigger picture seemingly lessens now. The arc revolves around Yuki Judai dependent to his new kouhai which bribes a new perspective to this shounen course. Of course, your second star characters that ascended along from the first ride weight honor roles. The chemistry between them has a nice crisp to it , specially how they will handle the young colleague.

The changes of the third part from the leftovers from the second felt the wide gap. So many issues ran through my mind while patiently waiting to embarked the final journey. The childish air was enamored by these new ambitions. Major point to take was of Judai's past. He who have been blessed by luck and love from the spirit cards was abruptly taken his youth. This situation became dire when they were on an island and the students of the academy were getting outnumbered.

The reflected imagery of Judai Yuki to Johan Andersen landed also with delay. Yet watching two version of Judai Yuki is still entertaining ,with Johan Andersen reflecting the toddler Judai. Johan's character ,also the death of his comrade one after the other, factored to corner Judai Yuki. Judai's choices resulted wrong that lead him to become vulnerable and damaged. He manifested guilt , forcing himself to act an adult. Among those qualities, Johan and the remaining friends of Judai responded with belief and great appreaciation towards the protagonist.


In short time, clear as day to see how the show/series exhibit the resolve towards Judai Yuki and what the scene should call for. Yugi Oh Genex successfully on it's attempt to stir the emotions of its' viewers. Also opening certain genres one at a time.

OST's and background music is well thought , more often rejuvinating. The development communicates slow but it was worthwhile. Theme and mood using the deck cards makes the series interesting. The evolution of the protagonist as well as to the audience was rather pushed. The paced of hero to space to the spirit realm was a roller coaster ride. It has it's ups and down. The culmination opens a thought. The characters demanding a drama is a plus. The setting and techniques used on dueling is acceptable. Fanservices are nothing major but, sometimes create a dull moment.

The show is great ! recommendable to the people who drew their interest towards the character's development and journey. The second part gave me more compassion towards the first arc.

Yugi Oh Genex , through and through, turned itself into a good respectable series.

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