Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Monday, May 01, 2017

[News/Update] Orange 6th volume to release on May 31. Two stories to feature Suwa Hiroto.

Orange 6th volume to release on May 31. The volume will include 2 versions of Kubokuro theme song used in live action and TV animation. Postcards, and seals included.
First story ( Orange : Mirai ) includes from Suwa (highschool student) read a letter from his 26 yrs old self to his future. Second story ( Orange : Suwa Hiroto ) contains an episode where Suwa gets married with Naho.

1st story - world where Kakeru didnt die.
2nd story - world where Kakeru died
source : natcomics


Im sorry for being inactive, I have actually compiled new reviews ready. Im busy helping my colleagues' thesis which is due this May 20th. I'll try my best to upload them. 

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