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Feature of the Season
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Friday, May 26, 2017

[ Review / Season ] Early good animes of Spring Anime 2017

Left over of the Winter Anime 2017 : Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation
Early good animes of Spring Anime 2017 
 May is ending. My workload is increasing haha. I'll try to publish what I've written the past months. As always. 
1. SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN - is the fulfillment of the manga.
The scenes from which the manga couldn't convey under it's numbered pages was detailed and elaborated. The mood , however, of the manga was probably heavier than the anime. (Maybe because the impact of being monochrome is better) The opening number also was chosen to close the gap since the first season ended. A sense of familiarity was carefully made as for it's steadfast popularity.

2. BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA - Im probably one of the happiest person around when they chose to continue the series. The anime focuses one of the most entertaining part of the manga.
The series has been dependent with the manga and shows no trouble with delivering the excitement each passing week. What I could probably comment about is the release date. Shingeki no Kyojin and Boku no Hero Academia clashes with neck-wringing episodes during Saturdays (PDT). Both series forces myself to compare which one is far greater but it isnt that bad. The impression which is hitting the high marks results to see-saw experience. There were days which Boku no Hero was great , other left with the latter. Both remained equal.
Unexpectedly good than the PV's impression.
 In comparison with Eromanga-sensei, this is better in terms of plot-service series. It is fun and has catchy opening song. The play execution for the characters were done on an obvious purpose. It doesn't really cling too much to service but the calls were understandable.
It's been half for this season and the secrecy towards the Royal Tutor lies on-hold. There are only few counted scenes where the series wanted to direct, I hope this series isn't pushed ending.
4. RE:CREATORS - Series where gamers would like to live in and bad news for a mangaka.
This is a series where characters from different materials, such as game,anime, manga,and movie, were suddenly summoned on their mangaka's world. I sincerely had to recommend the future viewers with great understanding. The concept has it's depth and eerie mystery vibes each leading episodes. The bigger pictures relies on the small matter each episode is trying to portray. Viewers can character-fishing. It has moe, evil villain, protagonist , nameless and by-stander characters to background. The development is dependently slow under a serious atmosphere. If you've watched Aldnoah Zero, then the familiarity of the OST will clasp you.
- No trace left by the first series, except for it's aftermath, (Shingeki ni Bahamut : Genesis).
The series portrays a new story within the same universe. I guess the show , now, is rather feminine than the first. The characters around the heroine remains entertaining, I kinda miss Favaro. The successing scenes play a smooth transition. Each episodes is geniune with the plot direction, The mystery for the female to lead is something I look forward to. This series knows how to use effectively the female characters as a key factor. Unique OP. Azazel is the otome prince. LOL.
 I tried watching
  • Star Myu / Highschool Star Musical S2 - Everything improved better than the first. It compels as an anime where harem isn't needed. (Though the protagonist seemed to taken that role, He is dense, clumsy and his friend's problem is his problem ) The theme for the sequel focused on a small event, the connection between the characters shine evidently. The series started after the OVA.
  • *Alice to Zouroku - Episode 1 was great, It reflects the early 20's character design. The concept is new and promising how the staff production will handle the resolution of the series. It's probably an de-spotlighted anime for Spring season. Very scenic.
Yugi Oh VRAINS - Im taking Yugi-Oh series after I've finished watching Yugi-Oh Genex. With the gap, I've jumped into I could say that the series has became advanced. The terminology has it's own difficulty but I can cope. Im excited for the character development and the dark mood the series will give. (I'm suspecting Judai Yuki is the one who save the main protagonist) Not a spoil, other believe it has no connections or so.
Kenka Bancho Otome - I was intrigued to left the anime ahead since the manga came first. The chinese translations is my only available source. I've skimmed and found out that the anime's sequence was much, much better. The anime cuts most of the services within the manga, though it leads a direction. The alternation of the two sources became a two different identities under the same topic (each episode). Such a shame, the anime is short.
Fukumenkei Noise - how disappointing the visuals are if you're coming from a manga reader but you will also look forward to the blu-ray dvd release. The song relife the monstrosity and feelings of the original source, The OST fulfills to sell the manga's absence. Each episode achieved the scenes of the manga.

Kabukibu! - Felt you've been betrayed with the designs. It's CLAMP! The show tries to elongate , rather made for to educate the viewer. Lacks in entertaining value, but it tries. The familiarity towards Kabuki held you advantage in understanding the series. I managed to watch few tv episodes on Kabuki. This anime is somewhat cheesy. LOL
**Atom : The Beginning - Didn't know that the two main characters were Astroboy's father. I havent placed myself to expect anything from this series. The story takes place before the birth of Astroboy. 
**Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism - Predictable plot in passing episodes , Moe with dark dramatic past who wants to conquer the untrampable man and
*Kyoukai no Rinne - fan of Rumiko, sorry. lol
Eromanga-sensei - It definitely has potential and convincing to continue on lightnovel. Kicking the remaining minutes out of the services were bearable. The underlying feelings of the two main character reflects back to Oreimo. I heard Oreimo was incest, I dont plan on watching Oreimo series. 
Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records - So far it's good, but evasive on character developments. It shows hints towards a darker mood. It showcases mysteries on first episode, gradually fun on the next and enforced a darker lining cause for the incidents. It has potential, dependent on light comedy, and entertaining to watch. 

Boruto : Naruto Next Generation - There are resemblance to the manga, coincides with the last two movies of Naruto . I'm completely looking forward how the series will grow.

* meaning on-hold for a marathon // ** meaning dropped or will try a rewatch
Planning to take / Look after the season
DanMachi Gaiden - Sword Oratoria
Gin no Guardian / Lu Shuiyin
Room Mate
Clockwork Planet
Sagrada Reset
Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka? Isogashii Desuka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desuka?
Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!?
Red in color is priority.

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