Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

[ Blog ] Internet is down since May 9

Apparently there's still few net speed to fix, and I've been itching to update and add some manga listings. To aid that I granted my old friend, I knew him when I still have/got my first phone which was Nokia first old models. Haha. He's very fond of One Piece and even curse me for the reason "I'll read One Piece when the series is ending ". Rant over those years, I tried to atleast, and look where it get me. haha
So far, and thanks to MangaTraders for their volumes I was able to read as much as on Volume 40.  Yes! 40 volumes to go! I was able to grasp Luffy's joke piece by piece. Roronoa's abrupt skills upgrade as a swordman, how gentle Sanji is, how manly Ussop is, how innocent is Chopper, and how it must been hard for Nami to handle those idoits and for Robin who's currently added to the crew.

I watched Bakuman Live action as well. FRIENDSHIP, EFFORT and VICTORY. One Piece is definitely on Jump's Ally. Oda's backstory is so far is greater than what I've read from the previews mangas. I cant wait for to turn after to Naruto after this.

Anyhow, I'll be back as soon as the technician fixes this crap. @ _ @~
 cant even download properly. Hope I will last much longer hahaha.

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