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Feature of the Season
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Friday, May 06, 2016

[ Feature ] Character Profile : Prince of Tennis x Super Lovers

So this season, I've got to like Super Lovers because of my big brother complex. Unfortunately, Im the eldest and I've been yearning for a big brother figure. If you found the anime , unappropriate or disgusting in a sense then you might as well forget about it but do not forget to check this article out.
Due to that reason, somehow I found something out of the blue.Today, I'll tackle about Ren (Super lovers) and Ryoma (Prince of Tennis)

Ryoma Echizen is the main protagonist of the sports anime " Prince of Tennis". He resided years before in United States and decided to return to Japan where his father is currently living. His good looks and confidence make him highly popular with ladies, although he seems not to notice, having his focus exclusively on tennis. Although his apathetic nature, he does show Sakuno his genuine concern. Ryoma can be quite arrogant at times and, has a habit of forgetting people that he finds insignificant or met for a brief moment. Ryoma also cares much about his family cat Karupin.  


Ren Kaidou is the main protagonist of the series Super Lovers. He resided also at United States, particularly on North America, Canada. He decided to stay to Japan because of promise made with Haru. He also has good looks, that makes him popular with the ladies though. He shows his dependent side especially to Haru and to the other twin brothers. He doesnt like or doesnt pay much on other people and does like to take care of wild animals. ( latter in the anime he had a pet dog )

Though Ren is expressive as much as Ryoma, I cant help to see some resemblance to him.

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