Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[ Season Review ] Just back to 1

   So, It took me a while to get things done and fortunately I found myself free time to give you an update. I'm actually getting active on my facebook page as it hits 2k likes. It's hard to get them eager every post and the like.. Aside from that, I gave most of my time catching up with anime, learning hiragana and katakana. 
Nijiiro Days :

 Getting adapted from a manga, I think it went well. Not so good and not so bad either. The scenes in the anime are depended on its source. Of course, my excitement (cause I have read the manga) didnt subside every passing weeks. It's light and fun, nothing to expect further from all the good shows airing before it.  If I were to stand the series, it breaks out duly from my weekend anime releases. Seiyuus chosen from the series are well characterized, they given justice and life to the lines every character. Point taken, since watching all boys anime at certain times kinda irritates your eardrums just to convince you. Running time on this anime, certainly didnt damage the quality. The anime series came out whole for a shoujo short series. #RIPHorimiyaOVA Lol.

Re: Zero / Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu :

 Remember how cancerous the series is when a certain character gets transported to another world and gets magically healed and coped up with the situation? SAO, Tokyo Ghoul, and No Game No Life rings a bell for this one. It's certainly entertaining and mind racking series. The build up was worth the time, well of course who wouldn't get angry if the story finally solidified at utmost six episodes. ( Build up ? I remember how horrible and at the same time meaningful for the series DRRR!! )

The show is well-written like from a modern author, who characterize his story based on THE BEGINNING, THE MIDDLE, and the TWIST. Everything was at it's height, except for the thing that you have to restart the story , re-re-repititively because your main character dies. Main concept was justified thanks to the back story, well-seasoned. If anything still resides for the story thus the series has the potential to grow more. I dont savour much from it's musical scores, the mood is alive and if it was added, nothing more or less could brighten the light. The series is dark but enlightening, over shadows that Subaru, protagonist, is still foreign for the place. It makes you detest the blessing of being alive (again) while giving your best shot against the butterfly effect.

( watch for next page review )

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