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Feature of the Season
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Friday, August 19, 2016

[ Season Review ] Just back to 1/2

So I'm on my Thursday [Spring Anime 2016] review, I have to skip the Tuesday review ( Seisen Cerberus and Hundred ) for the reason that I put them to hold because it wasn't really as good as I have predicted. But it doesnt mean the fact that it isnt worth the watch, Im at the last episodes of Hundred and probably will post it soon.

Sousei no Onmyouji :

      Let's talk about being the favourite, in my life, fantasy and action have brought great anime to watch , underclass of Onmyoujis, such as Kekkaishi and Shounen Onmyouji. Both anime contrasts the time settings and used of powers exorcising spirtual beings. Both featured friendship and hinted it with romance, likewise with Sousei no Onmyouji. 
     Sousei focuses on two characters to bring out romance and be their very best. Their time sets with the present growing together new techniques to polish among the odds of the elderly tasks. The first two episodes impressed me with the maybes { is this the battle between the main at first then proceed with the third party characters or  the reunion of the two separate families ( Benio's and Rokuro's)  against the third party. } since most, comes in group than 1 on 1 fighting enemies. Inferring the character's identity were at present, character's intro were good and made an impact but bleached my stomach for the improvements to swallow. Situation's and character's development are tattered and all over the place, specially the character's design . Everything is in contrasts, where it was good and bad or as both. 
  - There were times that it takes (exaggerated #) 85% of the time frame for fan services and all of the sudden the crucial matter will appear at the latter end of the episode.
  - As much as I'm a visual eater, I've considerably lowered myself watching the series for the plot. I noticed how weird and distorted the designs are when a character'body is featured as whole or on torso level. Frank as it may sound, It was kinda slightly better watching H+ series, where all of the money for the production was banked for the "best part" (only). Everymoment I was wishing the series comes up with 75% of fighting scenes just to get the justice done. Even the opening song is better than the run time. The animation is paltry and selected.
 - On episode 8, they introduced a character, and an organization, I was thinking an another maybe, where (main characters) condition under the organization heads. Of the next episodes they were nothing more but a mention.. It holds potential but they were rated to third. Overall, it became the margin of how weak the main characters are ( and same situation applies as the anime approaches to the 20th episode ).
 - Potential in the making, the dire situation in the anime focuses on the Hinagaki Incident. It was a good reason to start the chemistry of the two, Benio and Rokuro. Mood of the characters started to make sense and closed the bond to fight the big boss. It doesnt change the fact that the anime is circulating the sense where (the main character's important person suddenly puts in danger) , the main character agonizes for being weak, (train for atleast a period of time, with no formal training) and then fight because he thinks he's too strong. Then the big boss came laughing because it's fucking true
 - Selection wise, it's definitely aint that good to watch the series but the mood and character's pressure is there. I was really wishing it was really that good enough to go for the hype.


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