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Feature of the Season
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

[Blog] First Otaku Mania in Batangas 2017/Jan 29

I have no idea why I have this urge of hating the number 29.
Anyway, months prior January, Otaku Mania Batangas (FB ACCT) announced they will be holding an event and time added, January 29th became something to look forward to. It was the same day that Undertaker will join the Royal Rumble and Philippines is set to hold the Miss Universe pageant . Quite avid fan of the two, mostly to the first Otaku Mania at Batangas.


2017/ Jan 29

      I convinced my cousin, Shervee to watch the event with me. My previous classmates on highschool to join us later that day.It went well, with the plan. Taking a bus to the SuperMarket and riding tricycle to reach the event venue.

        The venue is not as big whereas the yearly event my school is celebrating. But it was sufficient enough to comprise the number of people attended. It wasn't as crowded I imagined it would be. People attended come in groups, it was definitely threatening to feel alone upon our arrival.

       Time before the twelfth strike, we decided to eat outside the mall and saw by Jollibee's window, everyone followed the same, to eat their lunch too. After, the eerie group sense became clear and everyone roamed for a selfie/groupie to those friendly cosplayers.

        I was stuff with what I eat so moving around the event, became a harder course. I decided to check the GunPla Build Off Challenge. Day after, one of my bet won, I'm overjoyed ( because I have a good eye ) hahahha. JK. Nah. It was definitely impressive, not to mention, when I was skimming the gundams I heard a familiar voice. I thought it was my arts teacher but there's a big body difference between the two. Haha. Chesie noticed it also.

PS: I dont have good camera to bring with me so I ask Chesie to take it for me.
The two in black were looking good together, not romantically but their chemistry as characters I guess. They were this playful and so cute when they made that pose.

Nishinoya is full of energy, "chicking" this Nico Nico and one girl, cant remember who, says he was the senpai. More importantly the kid on Hyakuya costume was adorable. haha. You can graduate in peace towards cosplaying if you see other kids living the same passion. Ah! Let it Go sisters, though late, managed to perform on stage too.

Yep. My first time interacting with crossdressers too. Everyone was welcoming, and just being themselves free at the open. (There are countries managing to block crossdressing on events you see)

The last two photo's hot me in awe. It was coincidental (Mekaku Cosplay) and each came from different group. Chesie is in the middle btw. Yep. That is her. Funny moment. Yuri on Ice, howver, idk where did Phichito went, I saw him before , I didnt manage to get him/her a photo.

      At the end of the event, during the event, I was able to make one friend, her name was Mary Hime. Accidentally, while waiting for the cosplay event to start, the stage is left for volunteers to perform, singing or dancing. My friend, Celestia, I guess, knew her personally so we asked her if it was possible for us to do so. She responded for the call and allowed us, I wasnt able to sing because i dont have the necesseties with me that time. It wasnt even included in the event details so I wasnt that prepared. Naming a song is out of that time too. She constantly roam the room communicating with the event staffs and I was able to took photos of her that time. Celestia is good at singing btw. Haha. Wow!

Anyhow, it was definitely something was lacking at the event, to the organisers and collaborators. With that fact in mind, it was definitely more than enough the fun it brought towards the invited. Raffle Draw and Costrip or not, the staffs encourage the others to join the catwalk for documentation. At the end of the day, we took the bus again , lingering the feeling how successful it have been towards the audience and it's staffs. 

I did most of the photo bomb. haha.
People we met because of the jacket. xDDD

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