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Feature of the Season
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[ Review / Season ] Fall Anime 2016, Best of best

Yuri on Ice

Impaired with the biggest fandom, the realism and sensitivity about the theme (where Ice skaters are subsconsionally prejudged by their sexualism under the implement towards strict rules ) was handed with alot of freedom. The audience's acceptance towards this sensitive mood played a key role to it's success.

I have read Kubo-sensei's manga (Again!!) before this anime was released. The difference between the two production was , the anime series facial expression was (more) exaggerated to the Kubo-sensei that I know. The character reflection was open, easily to distinguish each expressions. The solid presence of Viktor's role greatly factored the main protagonist, Yuri. Same pressure applies to Yurio who was befriended by Otabek.  This event marks our reality where we overcome an invisible wall with someone who appeared to walk beside you but that doesnt shown successful road alone. The drama that the athletes protrayed on their downfall mirrored also the reality of someone under pressure. E.g. Yuri's paranoia on meeting Viktor's expectations and J.J's mental breakdown on the finals. Using the language of the dance sport , ice skating, as a medium is used to it's maximum. OST colored the series to be either solemn or lively, while the history behind their choreography was liven to none. The dependancy of choreos resemblace even influence the professional skaters to watch the series.

Yuri on Ice lies to mood and express the issues on it's medium. The struggle to open up and bombard oneself from the unrewarded immense of hardwork will always be the right choice to happiness. No shortcuts, No giving up. The drama it surrounds , chose it's characters to bloom on opportunities when they were hurting.


Drifters and Occultic 9 , relies on the author's imagination and one who could to imagine. Both has difficulty , and of adventure's value. Drifter suffers someone who isn't familiar with the Japanese history, and no plan shown to an educational pace for the foreign. Occultic 9, however, subjects to it's own language. It's fast and sometimes deciphering per words wouldn't even help. Watching the visual lessens this effect and in advantage of reading the scene's atmosphere. Evaluating the two together brings self-justice, though Drifters left the conclusion to the second season. Theme songs also entice the scenes an interesting and exciting calls.


Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari (Poco's Udon World)
and Fune wo Amu revivify this season. The lead characters coming from both series entails creating and finding your proper place. Except for this similarity , the two shown (to how) differentiate aspect of characters. The world Fune wo Amy creates a serious note while it progresses entirely on publishing a dictionary. The characters were portrayed an exact meal provided in the production staff's design. Poco's Udon World , however, expresses an entertaining value while it journeys the character to it's story. I greatly appreciated the maturity Fune wo Amu articulates, while I savour the merits of relaxation to Poco's Udon World. Both endings were acceptable, and the value of "family" both series convey is claimed dearly. OST's didnt left a lasting impression though I & I by Leola (Fune wo Amu) and Sweet Darwin of GOODWARP (Poco's Udon World) express myself to drama.


Days approached to color the main character alike to Yowamushi Pedal. The impression to mark was focused on the first years while upper years seemed to distance. The gap of skills remained unimpressive. Lack of Episodes? probably, but the pacing decided on it's own and was done poorly. The series felt long and dragged version of what it takes to be an ace. Does it felt shounen? Yes! Definitely, but the drama felt conditional. Such us the episode when Jin Kazama cried because he was frustated with unrewarded determination for the game, the after-episodes became subtle to call for a heavy drama. The contrast between a gifted skill from hard work didnt collided as expected.

As Days series placed characterization over sports. The pre-episodes before the game was long. Though the visuals for the game felt short , it is worth A-grade. There were episodes that conveyed softness in-terms of masculinity. The use of female characters created an entertaining value (in boy character's POV) and  succeeded on supporting it's playmates. This series is recommendable for viewers who values characters on light drama and sports. Development appeared to be conditional but it's worth to check out. Days lit realism of sports soccer teams.


Nanbaka 2017 pickes up where the first season left of. The trashy (fanservices) subsides in quality while the plot controls over. Every episodes wrings a cliffhanger paired with the emotion of the characters. The group of characters grow familiarity and spotlight is brought to the side-characters. Personal opinion , supporting characters heavied scars further than the protagonists. Watching the series require to lowdown the speaker volume. The series was alive and loud as it calls for action. Differentiating between villains and comrades is little confusing. The demanded drama left from the first season greatly affected the main protagonist. Characters managed to left a proper impression.

Nanbaka evidently dear it's genre. The call for the comedy along with action for the running minutes balanced it's growing darkened theme. This anime can stood alone, yet a confirmation for the third season is the right choice for it's completion. Nanbaka is a great anime, it improved alot and could possess more.

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