Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

[ Blog ] Healthy ERO MANGAs


Last year, October 7, I decided to try (out of boredom and slow updates from subscribed mangas) reading and checking out the YAOI genres. 

        That time, the first one I tried was Junjou Romantica which is known for having good feedbacks. Succeeded with the author's (Shungiku Nakamura) Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, (Ritsu Onodera's voice acting was convincingly erotic), then Love Stage by Eiki Eiki, (awful in plot) while hesitating to try Hybrid Child (by Nakamura again) for the feels as suggested by a friend. Awfully good. IFAM.

Since there is selected shounen-ai anime, I decided to read manga.

Accidentally , I found these waaaaay before October 7, which were Ten Count and Caste Heaven. As far as my impressions were concern, I was practically hooked about the environment used, sensibility of the plot and characters distortion. 

After few months I was able to recognise few artists with promising BL stories such as

 OLD XIAN (19 Days) , Ogawa Chise (Caste Heaven and Red Theatre), Conro (Rift and Family Affair), Yamamoto Kotetsuko ( Mad Cinderella ),Paraiso/ Harada (Nii-chan), KABANO Sakadachi (has good Omegaverse projects), licca ( Hana to Usagi ), OGERETSU Tanaka ( Renai Rubi-Sequels), TAKARAI Rihito (Ten Count) and others.

Among my favorites were Chise, Rihito, Ogeretsu, Iica, Harada, OLD XIAN and Kabano. 

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