Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Thursday, November 05, 2015

[ Blog ] Nendoroid Wishlist before 2015 ends.

Since Im going back to school two weeks from now, getting money is easier than having non. Recently I was able to buy three nendoroids for 6 months and probably I can catch up before their release dates.
Top Lists for 2015.
Mikazuki Munechika -- Release Date : 2015 / 12
Umaru -- Release Date : 2016 / 01
Hestia -- Release Date : 2016 / 01
Renge Miyauchi -- Release Date : 2016 / 03

Guess I'll make a bonus of Pre-ordering Saitama. Priorities will be given by release date. Ah! I miss collecting. >.<~
What are Nendoroids?
The Nendoroid (ねんどろいど nendoroido?) series is a brand of plastic figures created by the Japanese Good Smile Companyin 2006. They typically depict characters from animemanga or video games and are designed with a large head and smaller body to give them a cute appearance. Their faces and other body parts are exchangeable, giving them a range of different expressions and poses. The Nendoroid brand spans a variety of different products: the original 10 cm figures, smallerNendoroid Petite figures, additional display tools known as the Nendoroid More series as well as plushies and play sets. Several video games have also been released based on Nendoroid designs. (src : Wikipedia)

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