Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Thursday, November 05, 2015

[ List ] My Manga Lists Update

1. Shokugeki no Soma
Currently on Chapter 141
After Erina Nakiri's grandfather expulsion from Tootsuki Culinary Academy's head master and Erina's dependent from her father's dominion as the new head. The Polar Star dorm faces to disband their home from the Elite Ten. The chapter focuses on the dorm members open their feelings for their beloved dorm. Then Souma decided to challenge the ninth seat, Eizan Etsuya, to a shokugeki despite of (knowingly) that the judges will always favour the Elite Ten's side and will result to the challenger's (his) expulsion. 
2. Haikyu!!
Currently on Chapter 180
Story progresses on the battle of Shiratorizawa and Karasuno. From Hinata's challenge against gaining the one point victory, Kageyama returns to his service ace followed by the first touch high speed attack with him. Karasuno's coach , Ukai, perceived his thoughts on how the two kept on evolving on the battle field. With this pace, it seems that the Shiratorizawa's team is starting to loose against Karasuno leaving them in one point difference battle.
Currently on Chapter 4
Shinobu's first opponent finally appeared ! with his struggle to refine his shougi play, what will be the outcome of the battle? Will he able to make an official shougi club? or loosing will prove that his place in the game is isnt for him?
4. New Prince of Tennis
Currently on Chapter 147
Germany and Japan teams battle against each other with the Japan win the first score. The chapter focuses on the two players, Duke and Fuji, successfully deformed their pasts to restart anew. Ryoma fighting together with the American and Tezuka with the German.

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