Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

[ Review ] Anime Android App

Saiko Plus - is a friendly social app for every anime fan. This application offers a tumblr-like posting, mostly for photo/gif-posting. Also there are lounges/chat rooms and events publicly open for it's users. It doesnt take much of your phone's memory unless you specified on it's settings.
Each posts by the member are fun and communicative, especially the 30 Days Challenge. It gives you an option to know more your co-fans/fans.Also, tag posting only requires three to avoid floods.  Regardless of it's competitiveness to tumblr...What the app lacks is it's security on events ( some users really do take advantage of private chats to gain likes for their posts and win a particular event ), and to it's erotic/H+18 posts ( I think, the users should be given an option for Mature button content like DeviantArt ). Sometimes search button doesnt work.

Top 3 free Manga App
( that I recently used )
1. MangaZone - free and easy to use, offers unlimited download of manga though sometimes some pages crash. Takes time to refresh crashes.
2. MangaPanda - directed to it's manga site. Offers streaming manga, full width pages.
3. MangaRock (offers upgrade to download unlimited manga) allows resume on every manga chapters you finished or not.

My Anime related android game.
Soccer Spirits -  is an iOS/Android sport card game run by Com2us and developed by BigBall Co. Ltd.

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