Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Friday, April 29, 2016

[ Daily Review ] Assasination Classroom Episode 16, Final Season.

I never really expect so much from Ansatsu this season, but the latest news and visual details kept my surrounding on who and why. The new visuals revealed ,and the episodes later, who were on the photo.
The Reaper and the Teacher.
Counting points, I think the past three episodes were really the expected climax. On the fourteenth episode, where Kayano revealed her opposition as the leading cast triggered the building post of the story. Aside from the scene where Nagisa kissed Kayano didnt affect the story well! I believed and in my point of view, I'll give my praise for not overpowering such important event leading to the fifteenth episode. 

The fifteenth, however, was focused on Koro-sensei's past and I didnt get much from what I imagined from a spoil from my classmate to the version of the series. It was rather light from what I imagined and the explosion part were really far by hair. This is where the visuals are revealed. The sixteenth episode, then was the completion. It really made me feel that the series is unhappy to begin with. It was rather the feeling of focal sum up of the first season, their struggles and the like. 

Sixteenth episode is far the best summation of the the series is going to. An after climax.  What to hope for? I dont know. but one thing I was sure for. It's definitely a watch end for the series. 
PS : I think the ost was great in this episode.

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