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Feature of the Season
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[ Daily Review ] Manga : Kore ga Koi to Iunuraba

Today, I tried applying to be an admin of a Shoujo Feels Manga, and I just hope I wouldn't get rejected like last time with Anime & Manga that I've been aiming as otaku life achievement.

      Anyhow, Aikawa Saki's character styles have been easily recognized by my taste just from reading one of her manga. Incest perhaps is something I wouldn't ever considered as one of a good topic whether as anime or manga. Her approach on Kedamono Kareshi made me remember her style, it was pretty violating manga. I guess, visualizing and understanding the situation to deeper problems caused by the characters and the mangaka's plan was something beyond than I could havet I have to stop reading it. If I were to decide, I would still read but serious stories are better to be read in novels.

      So, taken my chances back for Aikawa-san's works, Kore ga Koi to Iunuraba approaches , again, with siblings matter as an attack. Though different than this time, the mood, the progress, etc.,are still notable on her works. I don't feel the romance that badly but the situation is there. Kadaoka's background was deeper than I thought, I could blame myself for that and for Sora, other being compared to her sister, the other factors are disregarded since it's (so clicheee!) The relationship circle, I think is still edgy but it'll somehow rounds perfectly as more chapters are released. 

The eleven chapters of the manga already setted out the major problems of the story, so will see...

Rate : 7.5/10

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