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Feature of the Season
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

[ Classic Review ] Prince of Tennis end of Season 1

Classic #0001
Something a part of me felt accomplished from reading or probably continuing what should have been written on my diary 9 years ago. There were few yet big details cleared as I reached the episode "Unwavering Feelings".

    Maybe the fact that I was too focused that their tennis is a team play, I neglected the big role of Momoshiro to Ryoma throughout the season. Ryuzaki-sensei's line pierced me this goal " He is here yet his heart has already left us". The episode Unwavering Feelings didnt cover one episode duration but continued to build up to the end of the season. If I were to compare them with Kuroko no Baske, the "combo" had more impact with Kuroko and Taiga. Kuroko no Baske as a team lacked in individuality than Prince of Tennis, whom every pawn was given time to their own importance. Prince of Tennis didnt left out any of their players, as well as the romantic (dont even think of YAOI) , evolutional, drama were pointed out. The setting goes well with the past. Majors, a baseball sports anime, taken this point as well, a chance to pro league. The decision made by the production to this anime is acceptable. Some said it was underrated anime, even so it will still be one of the best sports anime out there. The relationship of kouhai and senpai was evident on the last episode. A reverse sense on Kuroko no Baske which seemed depended on the skills of their kouhai to win.

 But I guess the climax stopped in the battle of Sanada and Echizen, it is still amazing and could never been replaced by any of the remaining tennis match on the series. I found the remaining "episodes" on America, is boring or dead but the turning point when Ryoma rode back to Japan to battle Tezuka made me appreciate it all. Certainly, Im excited for the National Tournament.

Rate : 8.5/10
( off to giving subjective reviews)

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