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Feature of the Season
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[ Classic Review ] Prince of Tennis s1

     As I'm nearing to the end of the first season, few fragments of my childhood diary came into mind. Some were how funny my grammar are, how childish and biased I reacted to every episode. I remembered how I rushed in line to get a bottle full of water, watering my watermelon plant every 3 in the afternoon. Once the clocked banged on that time, I'll immediately run and watch the episode on a free couch.

The value that Prince of Tennis never lessened through those years. Time stood still whenever the segment is about the Inui Juice or the Chibitalia of the different princes. If ever it will be rated, it ranks on the level of Kuroko no Baske's creativity. The human abilities are beyond non-fiction and still entertaining and promising. One that doesnt anticipated in my mind was Ryoma got beaten four matches (singles) on the first season. A very good source of entertaining value, the character's build up and solid foundation of team work.

( I still dont get it what's with ATOBE of Hyoutei, doesnt look so handsome to me . Haha )
Rate : 9.3 / 10

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