Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

[ Seeds ] Fall Season (2015-2016)

Current watchlist this season with pre-reviews.
  1. Owari no Seraph s2 - Keeping the hype down from the previous season, Im looking forward for more revelation about the Hyakuya's over Majo, Vampires, and humans. I want something more with Yu and Mika's struggle as a victim on each sides.
  2. Haikyuu s2 - I've skipped many technical statements on the manga so I cant probably dropped on this one. I wished for finer details.

  1. Comet Lucifer - Very Eureka-like but it gives me Aldnoah.zero vibes. I cant let this one slide.
  2. Concrete Revolutio - Apart from it's first episode, It's very intriguing, I found the sense of justice too funny, but at the same time , it's situation is enough to continue it. On hold, whether to drop or not. So far, it's very entertaining.  
  3. One Punch Man - Everybody loves this one, I dont know why yet. Very bad ass hero, but if in terms of Villains, Boku no Hero Academia weight them more. Story with comedy as punch line is something I could hold onto. 

  1. Highschool Star Musical - BL! BL! BL! Gorgeous gay shows for me HOOORAY! Haha. Just kidding. Typical situations on an idol group. Why watch the show? It's musical! and Im hoping for new boys soundtracks on my phone. Nevertheless, I just went for the service. This time what separates it from Uta Pri is the Harem. I bet struggles can be a cliche like man against himself, to his team, to his family etc etc.. 
  2. Osomatsu-san - I'm not fan of Comedy but Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and (I think) Osomatsu-san should be an exception. Nothing happens so far, aside from it's gaining popularity by mocking/copying some of the well-know anime series around. Character designs are comical as well. Looks very promising!

  1. Shin Atashinchi - my highschool meryenda anime on service. It's very good to watch after some serious plots this season. Good for as an interval show.

  1. Shomin Sample - Another lucky guy after Kirito. Haha. I'm looking forward to it's complexity or not. Muscle fettish thing is not in favor. Not impressing, giving more episodes for me to let go.
  2. Dance with Devils - Is this harem? If it is, Im probably numb with it since I've focused myself on the heroine's mysteriousness , finding her mother  with the grimoire. It's better than Diabolic Lovers having it's thick plot, I hate vampires anyway. Haha. I'm looking forward to the characters development and their story.
  3. Sakurako-san - Reminds me of Hyouka with Yuuko Ichihara's atmosphere. I've always favoured mystery in anime genre. First impression was different from the Promo Video (PV), so it made me cling more. Although, Im numb after watching 375 episodes of murder cases in Detective Conan that made me hard to convince that by touching bones could give you answers. Oh,well.

  1. Lance N'Masques - Dropped, no chuunibyou for me, plus I found this anime too weird. Cute loli just got away ! haha.

  1. Noragami Aragoto - probably I'll drop this sooner. Im reading the manga and anime's timeline is confusing with the chapters arrangement. No short details are also added. One of my most favourite series this season.
  2. K : Return of Kings - I've ran through the anime last summer vacation and was updated with the OVA/Movie as well. Silver's King return will be the part Im looking forward to. Characters are too clingy to the past, (Mikoto's death, third King of Red clan) , with the Green and the Blue clans clash it would bring scenic episodes on great camera angles. Moving ( I mean suuuuupaaah ! )
  3. Young Black Jack - Highschool moments to refresh but as a fan of Black Jack, Im looking more how he was managed to become such god-like skill. I presume it'll be dark, motivating, adventuresome with new characters, and time setting. Number one on my list !
So far, Im happy and not knowingly Friday is the only day I can rest , probably this season is worth recalling in near future. Happy Fall Season ! :)

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