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Feature of the Season
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Friday, April 08, 2016

[ Daily Review ] Episode Review - Sousei no Onmyouji and Super Lovers.

Anime Title : Super Lovers
Episode # 1
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Shounen Ai

Beforehand, the last time I watch boyxboy was Boku no Pico Episode 1 (I couldnt take it,Im so sorry), the last time I read boyxboy was 4 days ago entitled Cast Heaven and my favourite Ten Count. Other than that, it'' be my first time watching Shounen Ai. 
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    The Japanese words "shōnen" and "ai" individually mean "boy" and "love," which is exactly what shōnen-ai means, boy-love. It refers to anime and manga that focus on love and romance (as opposed to sex) between boys or men (typically bishōnen).

    Shōnen-ai - Anime News Network

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    Worth the first time, it was very OTOME like, boys dazzling in bright light with perfect picture scenery. Going into details made me felt like that there were omitted scenes in every anime transition. Drama was evident to the lines given, and character designs , the facial expression, chibified and dogs added to the story were just additional points. The team-up by the two male leads reminded me of Hakkenden : Seven dogs of the East ( my cousin loves the series Idk why, havent tried though ). In this case, Ren was transparent than of the Hakkenden's male lead.  The twenty-four minute run time was a nice light experience of a drama under Shounen Ai. I cant wait for more ( with a bit of doubt ).

    Rate : 6.0/10

Anime Title : Sousei no Onmyouji
Episode # 1
Genre : Action, Shounen, Fantasy, Supernatural

I have this anime series on my manga lists but I stopped reading at chapter three. Haha. What's more interesting is the sequence of the story, and the color palette used in the anime. I've rechecked the series on My Anime List about the production and studios behind the scene and got me worried. Character introductions were impressive, highlighted on both "twin exorcist". The pacing isnt utmost diffucult to read and it was very Owari no Seraph in decent. I havent clicked with any of the airing series in terms of OST, ED and OP so I'll definitely get back to you on that! I just hope for more decent and add up stories (and cut ones in the manga) next time for the production team!
Definitely will keep up with Bungo Stray Dogs with this one!

Rate : 7.0/10

Just so you wanna know, fight scenes are derp. lol

not this one though...

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