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Monday, April 18, 2016

[ Review ] Japanese Live Action : Seasons of Love

So I'm back blogging, my PC is running out of storage space so I really have to put everything here and immediately removed them from my drive. Today I'll be covering manga turned live action namely - Heroine Disqualified , I gave my first love to you and The Liar and his Lover. Even though the three focuses on love or romance, it doesn't follow same route I just hope you sure enjoy and take interest of the three movies.
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Please bear if sometimes it contains very long explanation. haha.
Title : Heroine Shikkaku or Heroine Disqualified
Genre : Comedy, School life, Drama, Romance
Summary :
Matsuzaki Hattori is a female high school student who has a crush on her childhood friend, Terasaka Rita. She believes her life is like a shojo manga and Rita will eventually choose her as his heroine. However, Rita begins dating Adachi Miho, a nerdy girl in their classroom. Even though Rita dated before, Hatori feels that Rita really likes Miho and it is the first time Hatori feels threatened by Rita's girl. Because of Hatori's jealousy, the most popular playboy student, Hiromitsu Kosuke, takes an interest in Hatori.
Rate : 8/10
Post-review: (May contain spoilers)
Frankly, I was practically bored (at first) with how the movie went to how comical the characters are. I was thinking " Ah, everything is exaggerated " and it was really hard for me for this kind of approach. But when the situation changed ( Rita confirmed his dating Adachi and Hatori battled for her Heroine title ) I accepted and immediately get hooked up to the story line.

Heroine Shikkaku is not that far from reality, the characters that tend up to mock the existence of something more important than you happens in particular event of our life. The theme and the lesson well blended together. The movie tended to say " You'll never know how important that thing is until it's eventually fading or it suddenly gone. " Hattori faces that fact when she's been taking advantage her place to Rita over those years. Unluckily, not like Hattori,she was given chances to conquer it all.

The story deepens when Rita's sidestory was added, bonus points to Hiromitsu's passion on getting Hattori's heart. Actually I have read the manga waaaay before yet I was not that good at remembering things so it was still good by hand experience. I still remember the striking line pointed by Hiromitsu-kun to Adachi " Dont you think it's time to play being the victim? " I dont know when it occured to me, but I'm aware of being guilty with it.  The movie too had the same effect. added that I was really creeped out about Adachi on the hotel room (be sure to check what happened). Haha.

The character development and how it ended was good, even more how it gets there. The rainy bridge scene was heart piercing (for a crybaby like me) , the clocktower under lit-candles, the restaurant on festival day were extravaganza and Hiromitsu-kun dating  Hattori (park scene) was definitely the dark horse scene of the movie. It kinda climbed to my senses -maybe they'll ended up together or so. Heroine Shikkaku is something not just-like-shoujo but something accorded to a friendship love to romantic love. Scenes and situations are surreal. 
Ah! I wished I grew up with a boy bestfriend too. Haha.!
Title : Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu, Boku no Hatsukoi or I gave my first love to you
Genre : School life, Drama, Tragedy, Romance
Takuma, a boy who is told he will die before he's 20, and Mayu, a girl who is in love with him...After Mayu learns of Takuma's grave illness and that he will die before he turns 20, she continues to support and love Takuma. On the other hand, Takuma, who knows his days are numbered, pushes away his feelings for Mayu and distances himself from her. He cannot stand to see her cry or hurt her more than he already has. Then Mayu meets another man who has feelings for her, and Takuma meets a woman who has the same illness, and their feelings for each other begin to waver.
Rate : 9.2/10 (If I were to give ten, I would probably admit that I am that fragile person. Hahaha)
Post-review : ( Hint of spoils were included )
If ever you're avoiding to cry or just here for pure love then might as well rethink about watching this or If you're craving for the feels or just a masochist like I do, then go get ready with this.

 Certainly from reading the summary, it'll give you much of the story will turn out and I hold onto it. The movie was quite long and every second wasted was wishful thinking of his living every second. The mood was fun, yet quite dark like how you ride your car out of the tunnel. Rather, how it wasn't as dry as it focuses on prolonging Takuma's life or how the Heroine,Mayu, gives her best to support and love Takuma. 

I would have done the same too, if I were Mayu but not as much as she showed perseverance towards the story's conflict. Mayu's character portrays probably must one have of one of the unluckiest yet luckiest persons in the world. I know the statement may be confusing but try to flavour each words I used. Mayu's character was beyond compare than parental love, It wasnt taken from her nor she runs out of love. The bravest one out there. 

Each scenes were big pieces of what the real heavy drama is like. It's very scenic and script lines were clear as day. At the beginning of the story was the feeling of climax and then as if you're riding at your heart's content on a roller coaster ride! It was one of the good and bad experience. The story's twist was between God-fairly or God-cruelty, No! not in between! The third character/party helped the plot to nourish as if someone's breaking your heart behind your back. At some point it was quite perverted yet mature in sense. It's definitely dramatic, tragic and will have a big impact that there is at some point you have to keep pushing forward. 
I was really wishing and savoring each moments because every seconds here counts, not to Takuma alone but to all the people who probably suffers everywhere in the world. It gains confidence, may burn you alive but because we're human, we continue to live the blessings of getting hurt.
God why you do this to meeeh?! TT u TT
Title : Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru, The girl who loved lies or The Liar and his Lover
Genre : Drama, Music, Friendship, Romance
Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru depicts a love story between a 25-year-old sound engineer and 16-year-old high school student Riko, who possesses a gifted voice. 
25-year-old sound engineer Aki is a member of popular band "Crude Play," but right after the band decides to make their major record debut Aki quits the band. But, Aki provides his music to Crude Play under the name of producer Soichiro.  Sixteen year old, Riko is in a band herself, with childhood friend Yuichi and Sota. Then conflicts begin when Aki started to date Riko though she doesn't know about Aki's background except how he hates anything to do with music. The two lives begun to tangle as Riko's band were scouted by the "real" Soichiro.
Rate : 8.6/10
Post-review : ( Hint of spoils included, not that much )
Talk about experiences, It was my first time watching action drama (plus it's Takeru Sato's movie) and Liar and lover was a good experience! If I were to compare the three on it's seasonings, Heroine Shikaku is sugar, The Liar and his Lover is the spice and I gave my first love to you is -and everything nice. Haha. 
It was definitely not that typical romance approach to begin with. The setting was very musical till the end. There are some scenes not very benificial to the story, but bearable. Same with Heroine Shikkaku, I've read it before but not as much as this movie have been faithful to the source. The movie covers (only) the dark start of the story, the manga ofcourse fulfills the situation handed but good at every cent. Be sure to check it out too!

The theme under "lies" covers up more than resolving "lies" on the movie. Their first appearance together was very memorable, and give a big impact throughout as he made the story lyrics out of it. Aki's character isnt as hateful as other making-lies other boys have been. As his story begins to unravel so is how not substancial Riko's story. Riko's mere role as his girlfriend and her beautiful voice just supported her backbone to the leaning story. (But take it positively, as it play too a big role!) Third party/characters were really just add on to the story except for Soichiro, producer of Crude play. If it really does happen in real world, or maybe it has been without my knowledge then it's really a shame. 
Music have been the most evident beautiful thing for me, I've always imagine if people were to talk by singing, or ordering happy meals on restaurants , if possible the world would have been in a better place. So as well as the characters revolved their lives being faithful to music and how other people took advantages of something beautiful. The show is definitely a bitter sweet one. It's good for family, friends and lovers out there to watch!

Any recommendations?
 I'd like to try more out of romance but I'm really picky since my friends really do recommend me gore and I hate those kind. haha. Stomach really comes first :)

I'm looking forward for these movies as well!

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