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Feature of the Season
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Friday, April 08, 2016

[ Blog ] Re: re: I am a Digi-babe. Kouji Wada passed away.

News source : Kouji Wada passes away at the age of 42, on April 3 due to his cancer. Fan farewell event moth after will be held at Tokyo by his agency, Solid Vox.

The Japanese singer was diagnosed before on 2003 with a malignant tumor on upper pharynx and a lymph node on his neck but later recovered. He put his career on hold in 2011 after announcing he was suffering from cancer in his upper pharynx and returned after two years.


First. I was just about to grab gif's at tumblr for blogging when I saw a post about Kouji Wada and Digimon's Song ( a video ), saying " Big loss for Digimon fans as the Butterfly's singer passed away last Sunday ". So let my sincere condolences for his family and relatives who were left behind.

If I were to share my encounter with him, It'll be my every arguement with my friends. They were always and will always bugging me that they do not understand Japanese songs playing on my cellphone. But I have one secret weapon to shut them all-- back when we were kids, famous anime like Yakitate Japan, Cooking Master, Zenki, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Dragon BallZ, Digimon and many more songs were easy to recognize. Every song that there is, it will bring back our youth. Digimon songs , Butter-fly, Seven, Biggest Dreamer is something I will share and can share to them. Kouji Wada, thank you for your song. Biggest thanks from the bottom of my heart.


His latest work consisted of performing theme songs for Digimon Adventure tri., the six-part sequel film series of Digimon Adventure. He performed a remake of "Butter-Fly" titled "Butter-Fly ~ tri.Version ~" for the first film, and similarly performed "Seven ~tri.Version~," a remake of his song "Seven" from Digimon Adventure, for the second film. [ src : ANN ]

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