Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
Fullmetal Alchemist New movie Visual

Thursday, April 14, 2016

[ Blog ] My anime list.

 ( feast your eyes to my handsum beyb. hahaha )
Okay, after four days not blogging, though I visit frequently I decided to stop watching anime for now on this season (Spring 2016) Ive heard NewYork Yankees made it to the finals haha! aside from that reason I'll be focusing my balls on Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood while studying for an online course program starting today. ( I already finished the first lesson ! yeaaa! )  I aint quite happy about the HTML course but it really makes sense to me since I've been hooked up with it since Friendster days. haha.  So probably that's what I'm trying to say to you guys! Expect some super delays and random stuffs more here. :) Have a great weekend everyone! Ja naa!

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