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Feature of the Season
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Thursday, April 07, 2016

[ Daily Review ] Seisen Cerberus Episode 1


Sword and magic rule in the continent of Kuna'ahn. In this continent are three powerful nations: the Holy Kingdom of Amoria, the Kingdom of Ishilfen, and the Kingdom of Vanrodis, which share a delicate balance of power. Should disaster befall any one of the three nations, war would spread throughout the continent. Also residing there is the feared "Evil Dragon" Daganzord, an unstoppable force that leaves nothing but scorched land and destruction wherever he goes. Hiiro's parents, Bairo and Kismitete, joined other sorcerers in a magic ritual ten years ago in an attempt to seal Daganzord, but failed when someone interfered. The ritual would later become known as the "Balbagoa Tragedy." After being rescued by Giruu, young Hiiro set out to learn swordsmanship so that he could avenge his parents. Now, ten years later, sixteen-year-old Hiiro leaves home on a journey to slay the Evil Dragon, and Giruu feels he has no choice but to accompany him. In the search for the Evil Dragon, Hiiro encounters people of various races who join in his quest to eliminate Daganzord... but will Hiiro really succeed in overcoming the destiny he took upon himself and defeating Daganzord?!

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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Opening Theme

"Resonant Heart" by Maaya Uchida

Ending Theme

"Xenotopia" by Suzuko Mimori

Without briefing what the anime is about, sometimes I try to search something more specific about the series. Is it about mecha? is there gay shitty lines to make me feel good? or thoroughly spend my the limited time on judging it based from sponsorless tv background. 

Seisen Cerberus or Seisen, started with a heavy scene - a girl being a sacrificial goat to an anonymous being, to be frank with you, I dependently see a H-like dungeon series (hahaha, sorry) and punched out by a deceiving act by the girl character I was immediately out of the daydream. The scene was dark, heavy and still clueless as they implanted more characters on the scene. It breaks through when the protagonist's (Hiiro) father was shot by an arrow. One by one, pieces came together. 



The first episode left an impression of whole unsolved and escaped possibly hyped scenes. Everything is still a mystery, except for the fact that it'll be probably roam about Revenge and some Escapism - like fan service. If I were to conclude , It was as if a big joke with a piece by piece pick up lines to get you on the mood. It wasn't that bad but it was not that good either. The character's , Hiiro and the Fluffy nya nya biri-biri shoujo, were too pushed for their lines but you gotta love the accent of Hiiro's friends. It was indeed a successful part for the seiyuus to a character's recognition/debut scene.  
Everything was good enough to watch.
Seisen Cerbeus. Weird. H-like. Funny at some point and battle scenes are senseless. XD

Rate : 6/10 

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