Feature of the Season

Feature of the Season
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Thursday, April 07, 2016

[ BLOG ] Flightless is back !!

So I was away for quater year, been punched by reality, knocked down and here I am guilty by pleasure. ( Yes, I thoroughly ran away from reality at the moment. ) I received a failing grade from my major killing subject and decided to take a long break from school. ( Ah! Just keeeeellll meeeeh! ) LOL.

Aside from getting wrapped up with my stupidity, I'll probably start posting all my watched anime starting where I stopped. (Digimon Tri 1 perhaps) Mostly, it'll be a review or probably all , yeah. ( My eyes are getting sleepy) Also, about the watchlist(Fall 2015), I'll update it one by one. I will probably focus on the series I've watched by that time then, do a special review to the other dropped series that time. 

Daily blog will start today , probably again, I'll make it a wrap up for an early pre-review about Spring Anime 2016. Ah! Okay! My butt's on fire so I'll start posting around the clock. 
(More classic review on the way.)


(Do not try this at home! Deku's plain stupid at this age though)

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